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-Night in the woods
-Gravity falls
-Steven universe

Favorite music:
-Imagine dragons
-Owl City
-The Hush Sound
-Twenty one pilots kinda??

Favorite animated films:
Lilo & Stitch
Spirited Away
Kubo & the Two Strings

Favorite animals:
-birds (mainly parrots, owls, and shoebilled storks)
- porcupines (north america ones, they look so fuzzy and cute ;u; )
-blue tongued skinks
-angora rabbits



~Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
~Write 13 things about yourself. (didn't do this part since I'm lazy and wanna do this quickly since this is a overdue tag)
~Answer questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own questions.~
~Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.   (I tagged less than 13 rip)
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tagged by: :iconzefnoly:

Questions asked by Zefnoly:

1. Would you think of yourself as a kind of otherkin?

No, I don't really consider myself one.
2. Do you feel connected to your main persona?

Kinda, yeah. I really feel my aliensona would be what I'd be if I wasn't human and I really feel it suits me. 
3. Is your persona real you with same abilities and physical strength just in a different body or species?

Yes, they're exactly like me except they're in a fluffy alien body and have telekinesis powers.
4. What kind of music do you like?

I like alternative rock, pop rock, indie rock and pop music the most!
5. What are your favorite TV show?

Steven Universe atm is my favorite show of all time, animated or not, I also love Gravity Falls! (I love other shows but those are my top favs aaa)

6. Have you built your own computer?

Not at all! I've only built a bird cage and crafty things we'd do in art/science class.

7. Do you have anyone special in your life?

Yes (Unless you mean like a romantic partner, which no I don't.) they're really important to me since they're one of my oldest friends that genuinely cares for me and?? it's just..I don't wanna lose him. He's so important to me and never fails to make me happy <3

8. Console or PC gaming?
I'm kinda tied on both, I like them both equally, though I usually play PC games and the only console I really play nowadays is my ol' gamecube which I got years ago when they were new.


9. Your favorite PC game?

Spore, no doubts. I grew up with that game since I was a smol child, when the game first came out in 2008. I know I'm being a bit biased and a bit blinded with nostalgia since I am aware that the game could've been a lot better if it was more realistic, stayed the same as it's 2005 version, etc. but I just love the game a lot. It was a game me and my brother bonded with and it has a special place in my heart.

10. What motivates you to make art?

Nothing really honestly..I just draw if I'm bored, want to express my feelings or something.

11. Are you happy with where you live?

Yeah! I like Chicago and the home we live in, I don't mind. I'm just happy with where I am in my life as well, I don't really want any changes much.

12. If there were anywhere in the universe you could wish to be safely in for 1 hour. Were would it be?

Literally anywhere where I can be with a group of my friends or just alone with my close friend I mentioned earlier.
13. You can choose between 3 abilities. Which of these would you want to have? Shape-shifting, object-spawning or teleportation?


My questions:

1.What's your favorite animated film?
2.Do you consider yourself a introvert, extrovert or ambivert? (I'm ambiverted myself!)
3.Do you have any other skills or hobbies besides drawing?
4.If you could get ANYTHING you want, what would that be?
5.What's your favorite song?
6. What will you be doing this summer?
7.Would you rather fight off 1000 tiny lions with your hands or one giant lion with a tiny sword?
8. Were you ever obsessed with anything as a kid? (like I dunno, toy trends/fads or something..)
9. Do you like the school you go to? If so, why or why not?
10. What's a favorite animal of yours c: ?

(did 10 questions since fuck it I couldn't think up of 13)

Tagged people: :iconpreciousdoggo: :iconsketchysquiggles: & :iconblackdragon-studios: 


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